Whether it is necessary to borrowers to save on hypothecary insurance

At drawing upon a credit on mortgages compulsory condition of its reception is life insurance and health of the borrower. Banks do it to lower the losses and costs and to get desirable profit, at deaths door or disablements of the borrower the bank will receive the money, and close relatives of the borrower will receive the property right to housing accommodation.

If insurance passes under the fixed sum insured then the difference between the insurance and transferred sum of bank on account of settlement of the credit indebtedness, is transferred beneficiaries of the insured. That there was a possibility of payment of the insurance to relatives of the borrower for this purpose it is necessary to register all relatives in the agreement, is final which those relatives you consider it necessary to enter there. If you wish to save on insurance then the most convenient and favourable method it to make it to conclude the agreement with the fixed cover.

If the borrower concerns group of the increased risk then to it increasing underwriting rates are applied. Group of the increased risks concern the borrower having disease, also it to concern professional sportsmen and ekstramalov. Tariffs of the increased risks fluctuates from 0.8 to 3 %. The increasing factor is applied to people with risky trades for example the test pilot, and also people with bad habits but it seldom or never, in cases of reception of diseases from these habits. The borrower ask to pass additional medical examination only in cases if the sum insured exceeds more than two millions roubles.

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