What to do, if the insurance has not come to an end, and the credit is already reset?

What to do, if the insurance has not come to an end, and the credit is already reset?

Here all is very simple as well as in many other situations here wins bank as the bank acts as the beneficiary under the insurance treaty hence after credit return at approach of the insured accident bank has formally the right to receive a compensation amount.

Therefore the former borrower needs to address to the insurance company with the request to terminate the agreement or to suggest to replace the beneficiary with itself or whom or still for example on the wife or sister or the brother

Change of the beneficiary is made out with the insurance company in the form of the supplementary agreement. It will be necessary to show documents which confirm the fact of return of the credit to the insurer. Because they co-operate with banks, and protect interests of partners, but on the other hand they are not necessary to them but for the sake of curiosity can ask to show. You can refuse but to render good impression on the insurer, it will be better than them to present.

Insurance policy the prisoner after signing of the credit agreement for bank first of all supplies credit return, and still it renders a great influence as on the bank decision to issue or not to you the loan and what conditions of granting of this credit will be

The policy certainly increases costs of the borrower, but there is no different way to guarantee the obligations to the borrower before bank, it will be better to agree to you on such conditions. But it is possible and to offer other warranties of return of the credit quite probably that they will approach bank and it will issue you the credit

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