Requirements of the insurer

76. The insurer has the right to show to harmed person (to the insured or other person which risk of responsibility is insured under the contract of obligatory insurance) регрессные requirements at a rate of the insurance payment made by the insurer, and also the expenses suffered by consideration of insured event, if:

Harm of life or to health of the victim has been caused owing to intention of the specified person, except for the actions made in a condition of emergency or necessary defense;

Harm has been caused by the specified person at management of a vehicle in a drunken state (alcoholic, narcotic or other);

The specified person hadn't the right to operate a vehicle at which use it had been did harm;

The specified person has disappeared from a place of road and transport incident;

The specified person isn't included in number of the drivers admitted to management by this vehicle if in the contract of obligatory insurance vehicle use only the drivers specified in the insurance policy of obligatory insurance is provided;

Insured event has come at use by the specified person of a vehicle during the period which has been not provided by the contract of obligatory insurance if in the contract of obligatory insurance vehicle use during the certain period is provided.

The Order of a resolution of disputes

77. The disputes following from the contract of obligatory insurance, are resolved according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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