Popular risks

The list of risks from which it is offered to insure the real estate:

  1. risk of damage of property as a result of a flood, "gulf", a fire, break of a pipe, act of nature, theft of property, vandalism;
  2. risk of a civil liability before the third parties for injury of a life and to health;
  3. title insurance (very rare).

In the standard policy the list of risks, the reasons of possible detrimenting are most presented. But the client can choose all spectrum of risks but only those that approaches it on items. As the statistics testifies, the most widespread case is "gulf".

The largest payments last year in the most widespread case: $71 240 insurance indemnifications in this case at zalitii neighbours apartment furnish from above has suffered. In the second case of payment have constituted about two millions roubles, the case has come out flooding of apartment by firemen at fire extinguishing

For example, last year the insurance company "Russian world" for I quarter taxes and payments have constituted almost 79,269 million rbl. and 76,393 million rbl. accordingly. Also interest of the population to a property insurance from a damage is noted and in most cases try to be insured from, the most probable risks.

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