Object of obligatory insurance

5. Object of obligatory insurance are the property interests connected with risk of a civil liability of the owner of a vehicle under obligations, arising owing to a life tresspass, to health or property of victims at vehicle use in territory of the Russian Federation.

6. Road and transport incident is the event which has occurred in the course of movement on road of a vehicle and with its participation at which were lost or people are wounded, vehicles, constructions are damaged, cargoes or other material damage is caused. The positions of the present Rules regulating behavior of participants of road and transport incident, are applied also in cases of a tresspass by victim at vehicle use in territories adjoining to roads.

7. Insured event causing as a result of road and transport incident in validity of obligatory insurance by the owner of a vehicle of harm of life admits, to health or property of the victim which involves a duty of the insurer to make insurance payment.

8. According to the present Rules the harm caused owing to isn't compensated:

Force majeure or intention of the victim;

Influences of nuclear explosion, radiation or radioactive infection;

Military operations, and also maneuvers or other military actions;

Civil war, national excitements or strikes.

9. Approach of a civil liability of owners of vehicles doesn't concern insured events owing to:

Tresspasses at use of other vehicle, than what is specified in the contract of obligatory insurance;

Causings of moral harm or duty occurrence on compensation of the missed benefit;

Tresspasses at use of vehicles during competitions, tests or educational driving in places specially taken away for this purpose;

Pollution of surrounding environment;

Tresspasses as a result of influence of transported cargo if the risk of such responsibility is subject to obligatory insurance according to the law on a corresponding kind of obligatory insurance;

Tresspasses of life or to health of workers at execution of labor duties by them if this harm is subject to compensation according to the law on a corresponding kind of obligatory insurance or obligatory social insurance;

Duty occurrence on compensation to the employer of the losses caused by a tresspass to the worker;

Causings by the driver of harm to a vehicle operated it and the trailer to it transported in them to cargo, the equipment established on them;

Tresspasses at cargo loading on a vehicle or its unloading;

Tresspasses at vehicle movement on internal territory of the organization;

Damages or destructions of antiquarian and other unique subjects, buildings and the constructions having historical and cultural value, products from precious metals and precious and semiprecious stones, cash, securities, subjects of a religious cult, and also products of a science, the literature and art, other objects of intellectual property;

Occurrence of a duty of the owner of a vehicle to compensate harm in a part exceeding the size of responsibility, provided by chapter 59 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation (in a case if higher size of responsibility is established by the federal law or the contract).

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