Medicine and insurance of mother and the child

How to rescue 1,5 thousand mums and 10 thousand children for one day. On the conclusion the CART, in the world daily dies 1500 women of complications during pregnancy and sorts, in the first month of life dies 10 thousand newborns and as much children is born the dead.

The qualified help to, during time and after the delivery promotes considerable decrease in number of these unjustified cases of death. A role of insurance that it helps to solve a problem of financing of preventive medical actions for mother and the child, on the one hand, and to finance treatment of unforeseen diseases at them if preventive maintenance hasn't saved from illness, with another. To such conclusions experts – doctors and insurers at professional conference «Medicine and insurance of mother and the child», organized by agency on communications with mass-media and PR-advancement Shadursky Promotion have come on April, 3rd, 2009 at general sponsorship of insurance company "Вирилис" .

The help of Committee on public health services of St.-Petersburg is necessary
Indicators of parent and infantile death rate at pregnant women and newborns of St.-Petersburg – one of the best in the country, but also here remain the problems with which it is possible and it is necessary to struggle. For this purpose there are all necessary means.
Experts of conference have come to a common opinion that for the effective help to the population closer cooperation of Committee on public health services of a city, female consultations, maternity hospitals and the medical insurance companies is necessary. After all for today in obstetrics, перинатологии, a neonatology there are problems which can be solved only together.

Than mothers and children are ill
Here statistics of actual medical risks for mother and the child.
According to the representative of Committee on public health services, the main accoucheur - of the gynecologist of St.-Petersburg Boris Novikova, the basic complications of pregnancy and sorts are connected with such problems as гестоз (31,5 %), an anemia pregnant (14 %), diseases of kidneys (14,7 %), anomalies of patrimonial activity (5,2 %), venereal complications (3,8 %), bleedings (3,8 %), thyroid gland diseases (3,1 %) and many other things.
At newborns as the head physician of the St.-Petersburg maternity hospital № 16 marks, professor Vladimir Shapkajts, such risks, as are extended: congenital and hereditary diseases which meet at 4-5 % of newborns; фетоалкогольный a syndrome – defeat of various bodies and systems of a fruit as a result of action of toxin (alcohol) – comes to light on the average at 1-2 on 1000 children. Special danger is represented by infectious diseases, sexually transmitted. For example, HIV-infections are subject to 8 % of newborns under condition of presence of an infection at mother. Premature birth is observed at 5-7 % of women and can lead to development in children of such consequences, as бронхолегочная дисплазия (disease of lungs at babies), a hearing disorder and sight, defeat of nervous system. Haemolytic illness (incompatibility of a Rhesus factor, group or other characteristics of blood of mother and the child) meets at 1 % of newborn children.

The problem of incompatibility of blood will be solved by an antibody inoculation
Despite degree of gravity of disease, it can be prevented on 100 %. As the head physician of maternity hospital № 17, the chief specialist on пренатальной to diagnostics Anton Mihajlov hasn'ted, scientific physicians of the whole world have proved for a long time already and actively use in obstetric practice антирезусный D-scale the globulin which introduction in an organism of women with a negative Rhesus factor allows to have healthy children.« We draw on necessity of inclusion for the Russian National program as it exists in all European countries, grantings to needing women анти a D-antibody, - Anton Mihajlov has informed. - And if in Moscow and Moscow Region such program is accepted, and pregnant women receive this medicine free of charge women of our city are meanwhile compelled to get it on the means ». For the inquiry: in St.-Petersburg average cost of one dose антирезусного the globulin D-scale (and for effective decrease in immunization more than in 100 times it it is necessary for woman to enter a preparation twice), makes 8500-10500 roubles.

Insurers finance preventive maintenance of haemolytic illness
As a result of work as insurance company "Вирилис" the special program «Preventive maintenance of haemolytic illness of a fruit and the newborn» which assumes preventive introductions of an antibody to the woman in certain terms during time or at once after pregnancy has been created. It is necessary to notice that schemes of introduction of a preparation in рганизм are individual and depend on each concrete case. If the injection has been made by an antibody preparation in time and according to necessary recommendations, and the child had a haemolytic illness, or the  destruction of a fruit has come внутриутробно owing to haemolytic illness, insurance compensation which can be used it at own discretion, including on continuation of the further treatment is paid to the woman.
Such insurance product has been developed as experiment still 10 years ago. Now within the limits of it consultation of pregnant women, introduction of a preparation and compensation of insurance payments in case of haemolytic illness in maternity hospitals of St.-Petersburg is conducted. Thus, the given program became one more joint action of physicians and insurers within the limits of support of pregnant women that, undoubtedly, is important step to formation of social policy of a city.

PR-propagation will keep life and health of mother and the child
«Very important through every possible mass media to inform the future parents on correct behavior during pregnancy and at occurrence of the kid, - the head of organizing committee of conference« Medicine and insurance of mother and the child », the general director of agency on PR-advancement Shadursky Promotion Egor Shadursky speaks. Is can keep it life».
Today the information choice is very wide. It present at motherhood schools at female consultations, in various advertizing-information brochures, on the Internet portals devoted to problems of motherhood. However to choose to a family the right direction difficultly enough is independent from lump of an information stream. To help to understand such situations motherhood schools are called, first of all. Though quality of training in them leaves much to be desired. After all accoucheurs who give lectures, should be able not tell, but also train the woman, how to behave during pregnancy, how correctly to be prepared for sorts. To raise level of preparation of the experts working at schools of motherhood, it is possible by means of specialized actions and seminars, and also by means of creation of the certain training program, - the medical community is assured. That women not simply listened, but also perceived the information as the guide to action and got necessary skills and abilities.
There are situations when the future mum conducts a wrong way of life, abusing alcohol, nicotine, drugs. Hoping on Russian "perhaps", they think that with their future child happens nothing, though as experts assure, children who have backlogs as in physical, and psychomotor development as a result are born.
Doctors are assured that such mums are necessary for informing on possibility of occurrence of similar problems to pregnancy. In it the important role is played by experts of female consultations. Their problem consists in in time to prompt to the future mum correct behavior during pregnancy – the realized refusal of alcohol and smoking. It is necessary to remember that process of course of pregnancy and birth of the kid influence not only a condition health of mum, its way of life, but also a state of environment: bad ecology and living conditions in a big city.

80 % of pregnant women need financial tools on support of pregnancy and sorts
First of all, according to participants of conference, insurance can become such tool. Today insurers offer pregnant women special insurance products. For example, insurance company "Вирилис" offers the support program «Insurance support of pregnancy». Within the limits of it the future mum can be insured both for the period of pregnancy, and for the patrimonial and postnatal periods (till first 30 days of life of the child).
Also within the limits of insurance any woman can protect itself during pregnancy and the newborn by means of the insurance policy covering risks of a household traumatism. Doctors and insurers consider that traumatism preventive maintenance is necessary for spending at women till the patrimonial period. Each woman should know about ways of restoration after a trauma without emergency financial expenses. At insured event approach the insured receives compensation which it can spend, including, for the further treatment or rehabilitation.
For the today, every fifth pregnant woman of St.-Petersburg is insured. In an ideal each future mum should become it. On it joint actions of medical institutions and insurance community are directed.

The medical community is interested in development of insurance of mother and the child
The representative of Committee on public health services, the main accoucheur-gynecologist of St.-Petersburg Boris Novikov has positively responded about development of various kinds of insurance in obstetrics and a neonatology: «Insurance is necessary for each child, but it is process which demands an individual approach». It is important that the insurance company can act as the pre-judicial arbitrator in settlement of disputes concerning quality of health services. As the Medicine and insurance of mother and the child »Marina Janturaeva, those mums who used insurance programs in our city hasn'ted the representative of organizing committee of conference«, didn't address in court with claims.« That fact is important that the medical institution doesn't bear any financial expenses for insurance of patients, - the manager of a direction, the doctor accoucheur-gynecologist СК of "Virilis" Alla Shashurina explains benefits of the parties. – In case of occurrence of complications or revealing of diseases the woman for indemnification reception addresses in the insurance company and can use the paid insurance compensation for treatment end. All problems in settlement of questions at issue between the patient and medical institution are solved by the insurer, keeping confidentiality concerning the clients and partners ».

As a result, experts within the limits of conference have confirmed again idea of the joint decision of problems in obstetrics and a neonatology. For this purpose there are various ways and means. One of the most effective and perspective is the insurance policy by which, unfortunately, only every fifth Petersburger today is protected. Joint actions of the state, medical institutions and insurers are necessary for popularization of insurance among the population. Only then it will be possible to speak about effectiveness of measures of the state and business on preventive maintenance of diseases and preservation of health of the population and the future generations.

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