Kinds of risks at housing accommodation insurance

The basic risks which underlie the insurance treaty of apartments these are fires, the floods connected with break of pipes or other effects, explosions of household gas, fires, winds, hurricanes, tornadoes both other deposits and natural phenomena entailed property damage.

Insurance of all apartment house instead of separate apartments allows to cover a damage from detrimenting of all building such as any acts of nature vandalism hooligans larceny and other cases which, can lead damage of a design of all building.

Your house will be protected from damages of a roof of a strong wind of hurricane. As under protection against acts of nature attics skeletons of buildings, the ladders, the beaten out glasses.

Besides it the insurance policy protects from vandalism. These are the broken lifts the dirty covered with drawings walls and other methods of damage of property. One more disaster with which faces an apartment house completely instead of the separate apartment is larceny. For example: larceny of electric and telephone cables, various armature and fire-prevention accessories.

Also the house property can suffer as a result of a negligence of tenants of the house. For this purpose it is a lot of reasons from not extinguished cigarette thrown in a refuse chute to a simple carelessness povlegsheja behind itself, what or property damage. Therefore it is necessary to spend not planned money resources that, to repair the impaired a little or destroyed property.

For example, a case from a life: TSZH "Source" has lighted up the lift. It was found out that ignition has resulted from an arson. Under concluded insurance agreement TSZH have paid 580 thousand roubles, then on the received money the lift has been repaired.

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