Insurance of summer residences of "economy class"

Insurance of summer residences in which cost less than $20-30 thousand for today is extended not so widely, but develops not bad rates. The policy costs not much around 0.5-1 % from summer residence cost, and insurance registrations occurs, under the simplified scheme. To issue the insurance it is possible on a usual photo which needs to be presented at insurance company office, thereby to avoid departure of the expert of the insurer on object. Country houses (summer residences) in irrespective of their cost of the sizes and other qualities which distinguish their arches from the friend are subject to identical risks: to a damage from fire, water and wrongful acts of the third parties (thieves, vandals). The probability of the last actions is very high during the osenne-winter period as owners come extremely seldom, and the house long time remains without supervision.

There are insurance poles which include a complete package of risks such as: fire action (a fire, short circuits of system of an electrical supply, explosion of coppers and other effects from fire;

Action of water as a result of flooding, failures in systems of heating, the water drain, water supply; mechanical damages, larceny, vandalism etc.;

The annual tariff for insurance policy cost to constitute from 0.9 to 1.1 % and depends on the insurance cover chosen by the insured and if the agent has not examined the house then policy period of validity begins in seven days after its registration. At wear of the house more than on 50-60 %. The insurance company can refuse to insure a country house. As there are also ridiculous cases, for example, because of the holder of the house, for example because of its excessive garrulity

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