Insurance of summer residences

In an arsenal of offers of insurers on a property insurance are present as the high-grade variants of insurance cover providing a complete package of risks and the detailed inventory of insured property, and the simplified programs with the unified policy and a minimum of made out documents. The definitive choice of a suitable variant is entirely your decision.

However, choosing this variant, it is necessary to consider some moments. First, the simplified policy, saving time for filling, deprives of you possibility in detail to describe your structures. In such policies except the proprietor and the address of structures, the basic material and the general sum insured is underlined only. On the basis of this data checking anderrajter not in a condition to evaluate adequacy of the indicated sum, therefore it completely is necessary on your data. Discrepancy of the sum insured of an effective cost of a structure can be found out only at a stage of payment of insurance indemnity that will lead to reduction of its sizes.

In case at insurance the sum insured has been overestimated, and examination after the insured accident has shown that the suffered object really costs less, that sum which was defined by experts will be compensated only. This condition about absence of compensation over an effective cost of the lost property is mortgaged in all rules of a property insurance and completely corresponds to legal rules. Therefore it is not necessary to try to overestimate cost of the real estate, it only will lead to insurance premium payment increase.

If the sum insured has been underestimated, and the property effective cost will be defined by experts bolshej, there is a proportional insurance. I.e. a situation when the property initially has not been insured on an overall cost. It besides will lead to insurance decrease.

Besides, the simplified policies have restrictions on the size of the accepted sum insured, and probably your structure will not pass these restrictions.

One more defect of the simplified programs is the fixed insurance cover. It can be a complete package or possibility to be insured only on one concrete risk. Therefore, if you are completely assured of correctness of definition of the sum insured and choose the simplified policy, find out, what precisely risks are included into cover. The cheap rate here is just caused by minimisation of risks. For example, one risk "Fire" so damages of parts of a structure as a result of theft and razbojnyh actions - do not admit the insured accident is included only.

On this background of procedure of filling of a complete package of documents at standard insurance do not look already so dreadfully. The detailed inventory of structures with instructions of materials of designs and furnish, their metric area and etazhnosti, allow anderrajteru to correlate the sum insured chosen by you with an effective cost of a structure and to avoid misunderstanding at a making contract stage. On occasion at solid cost of property granting of photos of structures can be required. It is one of measures of the prevention of swindle, and also superfluous acknowledgement of cost of objects.

At definition of the tariff on the basis of the detailed application those risks which you choose, and also security measures on a plot are considered only: availability of protection of settlement, fire and security alarm systems will form the basis for the discount. As a result, having expended hardly more time, you receive more adequate insurance cover on more attractive price.

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