The insurance for a small-scale business

The property insurance in business in Russia is presently the privilege of large business and if to be more exact that majority of the companies which, have got such policy these are the enterprises of a fuel and energy complex, a mineral industry and other branches where the risk of failures is high. The share small and small business in this kind of insurance small and by the last estimations constitutes no more than twenty percent from all market of insurance services of this kind. As for the enterprises of small and average business it is possible to consider this kind of insurance to the full forced because of requests of banks or the leasing companies. Small enterprises in the majority insure the core means of transport, the property and that basically on request of the lessor is more rare. For offer small business on insurance are defined by sphere of its activity for example, in trade the offer on insurance includes services in insurance of real estate, the costs enclosed in its modernisation, stock of goods, responsibility. The main potential of growth of a property insurance of legal bodies in Russia is insurance of a small-scale business but while it one of the most difficult kinds of insurance. To change it and insurance companies could offer convenient insurance products for small and average business, the transparency of this kind of business is necessary. As for insurance company making contract it is necessary to make sure about availability at the client of the insurable interest, thereby granting the fiscal accounting, development of this segment directly depends on average and small-scale business growth as a whole.

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