Insurance of shareholders

Insurance of shareholders, such kind insurance arises in that case if you were decided to enclose the money resources in nedostroj. nedostroj is a new house being on early stages of building or in general on a zero cycle in process to a base bookmark. This kind of insurance does not concern a housing accommodation secondary market, it is a kind of insurance of financial risks enclosed in building of a certain building image at certain stages of building. As the kind insurance of shareholders, has no what relation to real estate insurance, is an unessential and not widespread kind of insurance at insurance companies. As at very considerable quantity of the deceived shareholders in our country of the rate on this kind of insurance should be very high as well as risks therefore the companies go reluctantly on this kind of insurance. Certainly at the big desire it is possible to discuss such variant of insurance with the insurer in an individual order but the quantity of risks included in this package will be not great and can not justify desire of the insured. As this kind of the insurance is not necessary and unessential at making contract on drawing upon a credit because, it is to kinds of insurance of financial risks. All tariffs connected with hypothecary insurance concern classical kinds, the tariff on life insurance and health depends on age. If the sum insured is less than two hundred thousand dollars insurance companies do not require inquiries of doctors and constitutes usually 0,25-0,4 % from apartment cost.

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