Insurance networks

Main condition of reception of a real estate is life insurance, health of the borrower and occupied apartment. This kind of insurance as well as any other at a real estate capture acts as a method of return of a loan at any vital case, thereby insurance companies try to secure themselves against excessive losses connected with crediting. But to the borrower from it it is not easier and it is on the contrary heavier, as costs of the borrower for the credit increase by policy registration. Proceeding from the aforesaid, the question appears. Whether it is necessary or not to go on these conditions? At life insurance and health the bank will be protected even in the event that the borrower will die or owing to disease or a trauma in a consequence of that will lose the work capacity. Plus to this insurance is still insured the purchased real estate. Proceeding from concluded these contracts as the beneficiary the bank and all payments on them acts go to account to bank.

And that the borrower that if it will refuse to insure a life and property before will sign the credit agreement. To it will refuse the credit, and attempts to challenge such decision there is nothing will not result, as the bank first of all thinks of the benefit and how to minimise the loss.

Therefore the creditor will try to compensate high risk not the refund bolshej profit and will increase interest rates, therefore if to try to manage a demon of a pole that costs will big at the expense of interest rate increase probably even above cost of the pole.

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