Hypothecary insurance includes three basic parts

The first, life insurance and work capacity. The real estate concerns a long-term kind of crediting (on the average from 10 till 30 years). Unconditionally, at such long term risk of loss of possibility to work and risk of death are rather essential. SK in this case expect tariffs individually. They depend on a sex, age insured, states of health, a professional line of business. Anyhow, it is necessary to expect that it will constitute 0,3-1 %. We will notice that if the borrower already has the insurance from the employer and it would not like to change the insurer it is necessary to learn in advance, whether this enters SK into the list of partners with which the creditor bank works. If yes, you save on payment of this part of hypothecary insurance, and it about 5000-10000 roubles annually.

The second, insurance of the real estate upon a physical damage. Standardly fires concern such risks, flooding, other acts of nature and technogenic accidents. Unconditionally, risks of detrimenting are insured by the third parties: thefts, robberies, arsons etc. In this case the borrower is interested in protection against such kind of circumstances not less, than the credit organisation. The tariff rate on housing accommodation insurance will be at a rate of 0,25-0,5 %.

The third, title insurance, or property right insurance, that is risk of complete and partial forfeiture at claims from outside the third parties. This part of insurance of a real estate wins first place on importance as supplies legal cleanliness of the acquired real estate and insures risks pravopritjazany from outside the third parties. It is important to know that if the housing accommodation is acquired in a new building "title" to insure unessentially. As a result for property right insurance it is necessary to pay 0,15-0,7 %. On the average the general underwriting rate will constitute 0,8-1,5 % from the insurance sum.

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