How to save on the automobile insurance

Today autoinsurance can protect the owner of the car from damage or stealing of its car, and also from a liability before what property or health have suffered because of the owner. In addition insurers offer owners «iron horses» different useful additional services. Autoinsurance principal views – КАСКО, ОСАГО and hardly less known ДГО.
From a damage and stealing
КАСКО is an insurance of the car upon a damage and stealing, the most mass among all possible kinds of voluntary insurance. However, it not always appears voluntary (at car purchase on credit the bank will oblige you to issue КАСКО), but enough flexible, "adjusted" under needs of the driver.

Classical AvtoKASKO is an insurance upon damage of a car or upon damage and stealing. The maximum sum which will be paid to you by the company in case of insured event approach, is equal to market cost of a vehicle at date of the conclusion of the contract minus deterioration of the car from the moment of the conclusion of the contract before insured event. The sum of this deterioration is estimated by the company by its rules of insurance.

Market cost of the car at the moment of the contract conclusion is defined by the expert of the insurance company, considering year of release and the initial price of a vehicle. If «the iron horse» has already run about on the Russian roads for the first year of operation it becomes cheaper approximately on 20 %, and further estimated cost falls on 12–15 % a year. Policy КАСКО usually is on sale for 4–8 % of market cost of a car. The policy price depends on set of factors: model and current cost of the car, quantity of the persons admitted to management, their age and the driver's experience, conditions of the insurance program.

The insured now has a weight of possibilities to issue policy КАСКО: to arrive to company office, to use services of the private agent, салонного the broker (if the car is got in salon) or independent insurance agency. Besides, today the weight of sites gives possibility to compare the price of policies of the different companies, and some even allow users to hold a certain tender among insurers and to choose the one who will offer the cheapest insurance. However to a policy choice it is not necessary to approach as to teapot purchase: here and losses can be considerable above, and the product is much more difficult. It only at first sight insurance programs at all companies identical, actually in rules of each of them are the pluses and minuses, the reefs. Certainly, it is possible to aim to become the expert in insurance and carefully to study all rules, ratings of the companies, responses, statistics of payments. But your time after all too costs money and consequently is better to address to professionals. In this market there is a unique subject who works exclusively in interests of the client is an insurance agency or the insurance broker. They specialize on selection of optimum programs for each client, but also, have possibility to defend its interests before the insurance company at occurrence of any disagreements. Thus, having addressed in insurance agency, the person saves not only time, but also nerves. Abroad automobile owners have understood for a long time it: in the Western Europe and the USA through such agencies are insured 75-80 % of cars.

On taste and on color
Full КАСКО covers both a damage, and car stealing. However, the companies offer as insurance only from a damage. There is it more cheaply, but now more and more drivers understand that, a few having saved on the policy, then it is possible to lose much more. Subtleties further begin. For example, the good anticreeping system can lower insurance cost considerably. We will consider a concrete example. Full КАСКО on new "Focus" will manage approximately in 38 500 rbl. but if to put on a car satellite or a tracking radio search engine the policy price will decrease to 37 800 rbl.

КАСКО at different insurers differ presence of every possible additional services and conditions. We will tell, policy payment by installments, expansion of its action on territory of the CIS, the simplified order of payment of insurance compensation (in particular, payments for the damaged headlights without inquiries from traffic police). For example, some companies give free evacuation of a car and a first aid call at road accident. Besides, all companies offer clients various VIP-programs, for example, departure to the place of road accident of the emergency commissioner, gathering of inquiries in traffic police, a taxi call on a scene and even granting in using to the client of other car for the period of its repair own. These programs are offered free of charge all owners of expensive cars (or expensive policies that not always same), but buy in addition them any interested person can.

Economy – not a sin
Is at the insurance companies and the offer for fans to save. So, for example, tariffs can be lowered for what cars spend the night in supervised parkings, and for car which go only in the summer, and winter in garage (here the economy can be to 50 %). Also there is day off insurance, after all, according to the traffic police, most "stolen" are Saturday and Sunday. There are policies «to the first time». They stand on 40 % more cheaply, operate within a year, but payment on them can be received only once. Those who gets to road accident not more often, save the marked 40 % but if it occurs two times and more, the overpayment will make from 20 %.

It is possible to lower also cost КАСКО, having issued the policy with the franchize or having registered in it the modular insurance sum.
The franchize is that sum in which limits the owner pays repair of the car.
At the modular scheme the total sum of payments which the person can receive at insured event, decreases each time when the company pays to the owner of the policy compensation.

All these offers are favourable that it is more convenient to whom most to pay insignificant damages of the car, and to insurers to address only in case of a large damage or stealing.

When what the company offers that to you cheap КАСКО, it is necessary to study all conditions of the insurance program very carefully.

The insurance company needs to earn money so, the policy can't cheap be simple so. Probably, you also will accept offered conditions, but it is necessary to know about them even at policy registration then not to receive an unpleasant surprise. For example, if you are afraid that your car can steal, but thus all small repair within a year are ready to pay, the policy with the high franchize is just that is necessary for you. But now not which companies use that to people simply is no time to get a grasp of insurance rules, and don't warn about such "trifles", as the franchize or the unit. Enough the company known now is registered in rules of one: if the person twice for half a year admits guilty road accident, he is obliged to pay in addition money for already bought КАСКО, or its contract will be automatically terminated. Probably, someone will quite agree with such conditions for the sake of economy at policy purchase. It is important, that the person knew about them. Also it is one more telling argument to address for selection of the insurance program in insurance agency.

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