Growth of insurance services

Growth of insurance services

Insurance services developed in Russia always on what that to the laws in not dependences on the general economic situation. Growth of demand for insurance services brakes is an imperfection of the legislation absence of insurance culture and money resources at the basic population in our country, it is told by experts in sphere of insurance services. Now leading insurance companies have started talking about splash in interest to all kinds of property insurance.

Researches testify to it conducted by the Union of insurers across St.-Petersburg and the Northwest. Under their data today in a city it is insured against a damage no more than 20 % of an available housing, one year ago this figures was twice less and constituted ten percent. Also in comparison with 2003 of a property insurance of citizens has increased approximately in 4,5 times. The leader on this indicator is the country real estate. The parity of insurance treaties of apartments and/country houses, according to operators of the market, constitutes 1 to 7.

The basic part of contracts on a property insurance from a damage is necessary on $15-40 thousand real estate in cost, 30-35 % - on elite apartments and cottages approximately 40 % from all market. This indicator has considerably grown in comparison with three-year prescription which then constituted $10-20 thousand and more than 60 % of contracts. Dews of insurance of the country real estate occurs at the expense of increase in volume and decrease in tariffs, now it averages from 0,6 to 0,9 %. If the market continue to develop in the same rate then the price still will decrease. Interest and to insurance of the financial risks connected with purchases of primary housing accommodation also has grown.

At service of usual people not the enterprises and the organisations insurance companies actively offer poles on insurance of apartments and furnish, country houses and house property, and also insure furniture, clothes, home appliances etc. All these services in a property insurance of physical persons are insured with survey of property and without this. In a case with property survey before making contract the insurance agent examines property, constitutes its description and studies all documents.

The sum insured is formed of a property effective cost that the property price also influences the size of the insurance premium payment, the above, the it is more instalment. At approach assumed and described in an insurance policy a case to the client will reimburse damage cost. At a property insurance without survey, such poles still name "box", its essence that the client chooses the sum insured itself, and policy purchase is made in absentia, takes not enough time, is made out directly at office and the minimum of documents requires.

Cost of the policy is less than classical, but there is a defect which consists that it is impossible to receive a complete satisfaction in case of a large damage. This kind under the application of insurers is a marketing course. The maximum sum on which is a lot of offers of this product in the country market it is possible to be insured from 50 to 400 thousand roubles, and the insurance premium payment will constitute from 400 to 3200. Main convenience of this policy that for execution of the contract the passport is required only, certificates on the property are necessary for others on the house or the earth, applications and an obligatory call of the agent on object survey.

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