"Female" каско

"Female" каско
Why unlike the western companies at domestic insurers policies каско for men and women stand equally? What do they put in programs «the autoinsurance for women» and whether more favourably they of standard products?

In Europe only one accessory to the best half of mankind gives essential economy at car insurance. In particular, Englishwomen pay for insurance of the cars, as a rule, less men, and it at all discrimination. The statistics speaks well for them: they more дисциплинированны also are attentive on road, because have less often accidents, therefore they absolutely fairly pay less. If we try to insure a car through a portal Gocompare.com, having pretended to be the inhabitant and the inhabitant of Salisbury (parameters we take identical: 35 years, the driving experience — one year, Peugeot 207 of last year of release) only at one insurer the tariff will be equal — £481,3 (22,5 thousand rbl.). In more than two tens insurance companies (СК) the woman in comparison with the man will insure more cheaply: the difference at some insurers in tariffs will make from £97 to £478 (from 4,5 thousand to 22,3 thousand rbl.) . And only in two СК каско it will be more favourable to men, and the difference will make all £19–80. At the experience of driving seven years the picture has turned out return: in seven СК the autopolicy for men cost on £32–75 more cheaply, and only in two — the insurance is more favourable to women (on £49 and £298).

Time matters

And still women-drivers in СК should allocate. First, because they more often than men go by new foreign cars which prefer to insure. In spite of the fact that only every fifth car the woman, total number of policies каско at men and women about the identical today operates. Besides women choose as much as possible full insurance programs with the widest service is more often, preferring to overpay, but on road to feel more confident.

By the spring, namely to 8 Martha, insurers usually become more active, and women have a chance to get the policy каско at a discount. Last year the similar skidochno-bonus actions dated by International women's day, almost each third insurer spent. This "crisis" year doesn't become an exception: about desire to enter the preferential "female" programs providing additional service, or free policy ДСАГО, or a discount of 8-15 %, to us have declared in many large СК. And at some companies such programs are entered on a constant basis. «Since March of the inhabitant of Moscow and the areas which are married, can count on 14−процентную a discount», — Vitaly Knjaginichev, the director of department of complex insurance ОСАО "Ingosstrah" speaks. Therefore if there is a necessity of acquisition каско it is better to wait month.

There is, however, in this seasonal prevalence some injustice. «It turns out that discounts those clients at whom renewal time will drop out for the action can use, — recognizes Milena Sbrujkina, the head of department of marketing of SG РАСО. — For all other women the situation turns out strange: discounts like for them but to use them it is impossible».

However, to the women who are not getting on March kasko-sales, it is not necessary to be upset. Having excluded a difference in tariffs, insurers don't refuse to clients discounts and bonuses and within the limits of constants спецпрограмм. However, to find them, it is necessary to work: more often they meet at regional insurers. Usually by default спецпрограммы include those or other service services which can be interesting to women-drivers: аварком, the wrecker, the technical help on road, possibility to repair the car in any service at own choice. But in practice any of presented in the market «programs for the lady» doesn't answer the given parameters, and as a whole "female" каско a little than differs from the usual. Judge.

Who for whom pays?

In Russia of the companies which insure cars of women more cheaply a car of men, much less, in spite of the fact that our women also are careful and on their conscience much less serious failures. Here only accurate driving isn't pledge безаварийности, and after all this parameter aloud influences tariffs. «If we didn't have such blossoming of legal nihilism on roads women-drivers were unequivocally less brave category, — the first deputy of general director СГ of"Mezhregiongarant"Dmitry Klimov considers. — the majority of women drive very accurately. However, they are often reinsured, as leads to failures: start to brake at an entrance to a crossroads on which green light» has started to blink. As a result the insignificant damages received by them at road accident, are leveled by number of failures.« On road the girl is very easy for convincing that it is guilty, — the head of the center of settlement of losses СК MAX Andrey Antropov admits. — quite often we see that road accident has occurred not through her fault, but it documentary do guilty. Thus she forgets to call the insurer, that it have competently instructed how to operate: the call goes to the husband, the friend, the neigbour, and as a result — wrong registration of insurance event ». It turns out that the special difference between unprofitableness of men and women isn't present, and to allocate the last in separate consumer group is inexpedient, insurers summarize. Moreover, the statistics of payments of majority СК at us speaks yet in favor of the autolady: for example, in"MOSCOW TIME-STANDARD"women have more than insured events — 96 against 70 %, though the average sum of payments above at men.

It is possible to remember, how back some insurers actively advanced couple of years спецпрограммы каско for women-drivers in whom as a bonus there was a discount of 8-15 % at insurance, policy conditions provided granting to the client at insured event of the wrecker, services аваркома and the help on roads. But last year they one for another were closed. As insurers, anything, except losses declare, they haven't brought. «Occurrence of programs каско for women with the expanded service possibilities attracts increase in expenses of the insurer and, accordingly, rise in price of insurance for clients-men. There is a question: who, for whom and in this connection pays?» — partly participants of the market fairly marked.

Considering these factors, tariffs prefer to establish the majority of the companies today, without looking at a floor. From 20 СК in which we have addressed for the policy for our Peugeot 207, only in three cost автокаско for men and women differed. And that the difference in tariffs at two СК («Direct insurance» and "Contact-insurance") has made symbolical 100–1300 rbl. in favor of women. And only in РЕСО under the program "RESO-EXPRESS TRAIN" the economy for the last was more essential — 13,3 thousand rbl.

At Petersburg company "Авеста" the program "Autolady" differs from standard каско only an option «the help on roads»: in an emergency situation to the proprietress of the policy wheel replacement, car towage at breakage, change of tires on a season, a battery charging will be in addition provided. All the same it is necessary to pay in addition for additional pleasures — with this service the policy costs more expensively on 4,5 thousand rbl. Such program will be more likely actual for owners not new cars, and cars inclined to breakages.

Other female program — "Autocheesecake" from СК «Northern treasury» — it is at first sight valid without lacks. Besides a call аваркома and grantings of the wrecker it provides the technical help (the truth, limited to service on replacement of a punctured wheel on regular запаску) and car repairs exclusively at dealer car repair shop. As a bonus there is also a free inoculation from a flu (in the presence of policy ОСАГО in given СК). But if to dig more deeply here again we find out a dirty trick: change of the put parameters isn't provided, therefore, for example, if you wish to insure a car with a condition of its repair on a direction of the insurer спецтариф also policy cost any more doesn't operate will rise on 5 thousand rbl. There are also other restrictions. The company has tried to offer attractive tariffs to rather accident-free drivers — to women from 35 years with the experience from three years. And all who more youngly also is less skilled, won't receive "cheesecake". The policy каско on all the same Peugeot 207 to the woman of 35 years with the experience of driving under the program "Autocheesecake" will cost more than seven years about 41,7 thousand rbl., "Autolady" from "Avesty" is more expensive — 47,7 thousand rbl.

The options offered within the limits of "female" спецпрограмм, hardly it is possible to consider as the unique offer. In the minimum variant каско for women provides one departure аваркома on any failure, irrespective of degree of its gravity more often. The companies guarantee that аварком will arrive on a place of accident within an hour, will carry on negotiations with participants of road accident, will help to legalize papers, will spend photographing of a scene and will organize car evacuation. But the similar option, as well as wrecker granting, is provided by base treaty provisions in many СК.

Demand of other service services, somehow: in traffic police and a package of "the technical help» on a case of sudden problems on road (the wheel puncture, the sat down accumulator or the decayed motor) — insurers estimate gathering of inquiries differently. And all because matters not so much price of service, how many service level. For example, one СК to me admitted that if to assign gathering of inquiries to the insurer it is possible to wait a full package of documents and two months. Is easier and faster this question to solve most. In a case with the technical help at страховательницы also there is a choice: to get the given service it is possible as at the insurer, and separately in the specialized company. Some СК offer an option "technical help" as a bonus at rather low price — 30–300 rbl., but what services and in what quantities you receive — to tell difficult. On the average cost of additional service services in the market varies within 2,4-5,5 thousand rbl. (for owners of a car not more expensively 1 million rbl.).

As we see, at desire in any company the client can include a service package necessary for it (if it any more isn't offered as a bonus) in the policy and as a result to receive the optimum policy for it каско which will be worse nothing than any "female". And simply to provide to itself 5−процентную a discount at insurance it is possible and at the expense of the reference in the company directly or through the Internet, at the expense of accident-free driving (to 15 %), at the expense of the increasing franchize, and the insurance agent can offer discount at the expense of the commission.

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