Fearless summer residents

Fearless summer residents

Why we concern with suspicion property insurance? We hope at random or simply we do not know, how it works?
Recently «the Personal budget» has conceived to find out: why so few Russians insure property? (The exception represents autoinsurance). To poll on our site has responded more than 200 persons. It appears, almost 40 % consider it unprofitable: an insurance premium (an annual payment) you pay regularly, and the sum of payment in case of insured event approach usually is less, than a damage. However, more than 20 % of the interrogated not insured citizens nevertheless consider, it is necessary what to be insured, and are going to make it soon. Approximately as much aren't insured because on Russian habit rely at random. But when the thunder will burst, will be christened late …

On what the conclusion what insurance is unprofitable is based? Negative experience of acquaintances? Messages of mass-media? And can, respondents simply don't know or don't reflect, what such insurance and what for it is necessary? Without trying to agitate anybody for or against, we will try to explain simply in general as property insurance is arranged and as to it to approach. The theme is extremely wide, therefore we take for an example of the program of insurance of summer residences as the warm season comes to an end, many summer residents will leave in a city, and the country habitation will leave without supervision.

Summer residence it isn't simple a small house in village. It is a full set of "pleasures" – both a garden-kitchen garden, and a bath, and even with love built and painted in the cheerful color protecting from extraneous eyes a fence (sometimes rather expensive). All too can be included it in the contract, but insure first of all the house. Conclude the contract with the insurance company everybody can, for example relatives of the owner. But at approach of insured event of payment the proprietor can receive only. It means that documents on the possession right a country economy should be as it should be, differently indemnification not to see. Thus the inquiry from БТИ usually isn't required. In the company «ОРАНТА Insurance» it won't request neither at the contract conclusion, nor at indemnification payment. The same approach at СК "Consent". If правоустанавливающие documents on the earth are, and in БТИ the house isn't registered, "Consent" can ask for owners the inquiry from board of garden association or from the Village Soviet. In such document the local administration confirms legality of erection of a structure on a site, its accessory and the short description. By the way, some insurance agents offer also the help in property registration on the ground areas, according to still continuing to operate to the facilitated conditions (so-called «country amnesty», which in actual fact not so not facilitated, and rather бюрократизированная) and registration of structures in БТИ.
We leave now on a porch and we will look round: literally everything that we see, it is possible to register in the contract as objects of insurance – хозблок, a bath, a hothouse, a fence. Since recent time insurers suggest to insure elements of landscape design – a pond with frogs, a bed and an arbor. «In addition to the basic structure at will of clients we can insure elements of landscape design, however with some exceptions, – have explained in the company« ОРАНТА Insurance ». Are there should be the subjects of the lifeless nature structurally fixed on a surface of the earth, for example a statue, a fountain, a lantern, and also the paths laid on a country site».

It is interesting that some insurers suggest even to insure a fertile layer of the earth. Such offer is, for example, at the companies «Uralsib Insurance» and "Consent". At approach of the event caused by natural cataclysms or technogenic factors, to the owner compensate cost of replacement of the top layer of earth.

All listed options can be included in the contract in a crowd (the whole package) or to choose some separately. Important, however, that options are applied on insurance of the house. Differently to insure separately a fencing or a garden bench it is impossible.

Except a question that is insured, it is necessary to answer a sacramental question still: from what? Basically the standard set of risks is offered to clients – at the head of the list always there are fires of a different origin: household (not extinguished cigaret, a spark from an oven, explosion of a gas bag and etc.) or caused by elements (for example a lightning). Fire – the main enemy of a summer residence, and consequently tariffs for wooden houses above, than on stone (brick, block). Further there are any water disasters: failures in systems of water supply, heating, the water drain; flooding and other natural cataclysms. "Shock" influences separately register: falling of trees, columns and masts, arrival of transport and even falling of flying machines.

One more important section in the list of risks in an officialese is called «illegal actions of the third parties». This concept covers any "criminal act" – thefts, robberies, robbery, hooliganism, vandalism. All listed – at all synonyms, and very different kinds of offenses. Usually risks happen are in detail painted not in the contract, and in «insurance Rules» which are a contract integral part. In detail study rules to the conclusion of the contract in order to avoid surprises at approach of insurance event. Happens that indemnification under some insurance programs can be received, without addressing in competent bodies – enough if the representative of the insurer arrives and will estimate losses. But in a case with any larceny and hooliganism without the statement in militia and report drawing up not to manage.

As well as objects of the insurance, all listed risks can be insured a package, and it is possible separately. However "the wholesale" variant is more favourable – only insurance upon a fire will make one not less than half of cost of insurance on a full package of risks.

The following question: how the cover amount is estimated? Price БТИ very far from market, never for a basis take. Usually in individual programs the insurer offers the maximum cover amount (the insurance sum) proceeding from that, how many by the current moment at market prices construction of the similar house in the same place will cost. From this sum by means of the established factors calculate annual премиию – the price of the annual policy. For an example we will count insurance cost on the summer wooden house not having an oven in Moscow suburbs (до100 km from capital) with furnish, but without house property. We will choose not the smallest, but also not the highest insurance sum – 1 million руб, we will increase it by average on the market the insurance tariff of 0,65 % and we will receive an insurance premium: 6 500 rbl. a year.

Insurance tariffs, as a rule, don't differ in Moscow and country regions. But the policy price thus out of capital and area usually more low as other tariffs are applied to an estimation of the construction. As it is clear: civil work and materials in regions are cheaper.

The above the maximum covering, the above an annual payment. More often the property is estimated by the insurer, internally or in absentia. In the first case it leaves into place and examines constructions and an economy, describes and calculates their cost under special tariffs, starting with среднерыночных the prices minus deterioration. If the client doesn't agree with an estimation, it is possible to cause the independent appraiser and to receive its decision. But visit will be paid.

Told above concerns individual programs of insurance. But now in the market win popularity of the express program which limit the insurance sum (usually about 1 million roubles, though in the different companies thresholds different) and offer the facilitated procedure of the conclusion of the contract. In practice it means that the agent doesn't go anywhere, and property estimate according to owners. The construction photo sometimes is required. The express policy usually give out for 12 months. Individual programs, justifying the name, it is ready more вариативны – it is possible to be insured though for some days (but the more shortly term, the will more expensively manage the policy). But basically, to be insured for a season – winter or summer – a wave it is possible.

It is necessary to consider that the insurance sum – at all that the client receives at any in the slightest degree unpleasant incident with its country economy. It is a maximum which it will receive if all was lost without remainder. Perhaps partly therefore at our citizens the opinion also was generated that «receive always less». However, according to representatives of the insurance companies, in most cases the sum of the paid insurance payment for the client much less an amount of damage which become covered by the contract. Usually happens so: at approach of insured event to a scene there comes the representative of the insurance company. Small losses (approximately to 100-150 thousand rbl.) It estimates itself. But if a damage a bycicle or property at all was lost, if more detailed examination is required, experts-appraisers are caused and careful investigation and research is made. At calculation of indemnification start with real cost of repair taking into account market price of materials and work, and also deterioration of construction. What to do, if the client doesn't agree with examination conclusions? A way all the same: a call of the independent appraiser and at impossibility to come to the agreement with the insurer – court.

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