Failure with a gain

Failure with a gain
The Russian autoinsurers suspect of swindle of every fourth client, and is frequent not without the bases. Own security services of the domestic companies haven't the right to suffice tricksters for a hand and independently to transfer proofs мошенничеств in court, and employees of traffic police sometimes wish to cook up lime inquiries. Uniform base of swindlers what in a course in the West, in Russia it is imperfect, and they, having got to the black list of one company, easily buy the policy in another.
"Under the insurance have received forty thousand, has subtracted twenty — it has not bad turned out, — the star of a domestic rap scene of Nagano from group" That will do "in a song" recites Insure братуху ". On five on a snout — profitable business, we have greedy inspected a sacrificial body..." The body belongs to Zhore, a companion of the lyrical hero of "Basty". Friends have insured him on risk "the Damage to health", well and then "the train of mutilations" has twirled, after all "payment depends on weight of traumas, it is possible to receive even whole лям". The Russian rapper, probably, also doesn't know that describes another's realities: it in the USA to swindlers in sphere of medical insurance, according to Washington Post, pay more than $50 млрд annually. At us the composition "would be topical Insure a wheelbarrow": in the Russian union of autoinsurers (РСА) notice that annually about 20 % of autopayments at us get to swindlers. For comparison: in Europe and the USA — 5-15 %.

The volume of the Russian market of autoinsurance in 2008, according to the head of the company "Finam Insurance" Michael Kuhtarja, has made nearby 280 млрд rbl., payments on ОСАГО and каско — nearby 150 млрд rbl. Then domestic swindlers have received approximately 30 млрд rbl. Victor Travin, the president of Board of legal protection of automobile owners, considers this figure strongly overestimated: suspicions of insurers don't cancel an innocence presumption. "For a hand catch no more than 10 % of clients, — mister Travin speaks. — But to compensate losses, insurers often don't pay in time or underestimate payment". The similar data is resulted also by some players of the market. Alexey Bebnev, the head of department on counteraction to insurance swindle РОСНО, estimates number of swindlers among clients of the company in 5-8 %, noticing, truth that it is less, than at competitors.

Tricks with the insurance
Production failures and stealings became much more after introduction ОСАГО. "The quantity of insureds has sharply increased, the number insurance мошенничеств has increased proportionally, — the assistant to the general director of the insurance company" explains Zurich. Ритэйл "Sergey Efremov. — Thus they became more difficult and thought over. In 2003 as a part of the majority of the companies there were the services counteracting swindlers". Insurance swindle it is possible to divide on external and internal: in the first case insureds, in the second — employees of the companies (regular or non-staff) swindle. In 95 % of cases, on Sergey Efremova's experience, it is a question about "external мошенничествах".

"Our employee in arrangement to the former head of territorial agency in Balashikha (now it under a consequence) has put on a stream insurance of beaten cars", — Victor Alekseev, the administrative director of insurance company "Max" gives an example. Malefactors used a photomontage to insure cars as intact, and then wrote out payments no more than on 100 thousand rbl., counting that the security service usually checks losses for the sum twice more. "As a rule, on swindle there are non-staff employees of insurers — independent insurance agents, — Victor Alekseev underlines. — but now we have good analytics which allows to calculate swindlers. We know brokers who can sell the policy for the beaten car".

Insurance of the beaten car as whole, perhaps, the most frequent dodge. "The car broken in stuff, is insured quite often in the several insurance companies then single road accident is forged, — Victor Alekseev explains. — in this scheme as accomplices of the insured the insurance agent and the employee of traffic police usually act. Similar swindle time and again it was possible to us to stop thanks to the information from colleagues-insurers to whom malefactors already addressed with the same car". "Sometimes swindlers select two similar cars: one in a good condition to buy for it policies in the several insurance companies, another — beaten to demand on it payment, — Boris Rybin, the assistant to the general director of insurance company" Max ". With such situation we adds have faced in Nizhni Novgorod: the deceit has revealed, when we have seen a rust on the damaged sites and have understood that failure has occurred for a long time".

"The automobile owner insured not at us, had repeatedly accidents on the Ford Focus, one of them has led to that from the car there were only" suitable remains ". It has taken away them to use in the roguish purposes", — Irina Serebryakov, the chief of department of investigation of insured events of management of safety of company "RESO-GUARANTEE" tells. The speculator has bought same black Focus and has insured him in "RESO-GUARANTEE", and the bumper and wings from the broken car hung on new, dramatized road accident with the acquaintances, owners of policies ОСАГО, and addressed for payments. "When we have opened a deceit thanks to the information from its former insurer, the company has already lost about 100 thousand rbl.", Irina Serebryakov speaks. The swindler has received conditional term. Other example from "RESO-GUARANTEE" practice: the owner of BMW X5 has declared stealing, has transferred the complete set of documents and keys. Like all is pure." We have found out that the car credit, and our client paid inaccurately, — Irina Serebryakov remembers. — having specified that the motorist comes from Baku, we have checked up, whether it crossed recently border. It has appeared, crossed, and in one party: from Azerbaijan the car hasn't returned. When we have proved that one of keys — the scanned pig, the swindler admitted that has sold the car in the homeland ". For as has received almost six years.

Besides the private traders, decided to make profit of insurers, is also organized criminal groups (ОПГ). "Practice of participation ОПГ in insurance swindle has come from Great Britain and the USA", — Sergey Efremov speaks. The organizer always in a shade, and at office of insurance firm about failure to which its Lexus has got, tells the person with a red nose and shivering hands, on a slang of insurance swindlers — "lantern" more often. "Couple of years back ОПГ have started to be engaged actively in fictitious stealings, — Victor Alekseev confirms. — a typical case: our insured who is not member ОПГ, sells the car to car thieves for 30-50 % of the real price. Then informs on stealing to law enforcement bodies and us. If the deceit doesn't manage to be opened, the unfair insured will get double profit". If criminals disassemble at once the car on spare parts, chances to open business aren't present. But sometimes — such case was in practice "Max" — arrangement of the client with ОПГ is found out in advance." We knew, where the stolen car is stored, — Victor Alekseev remembers. — and young field investigators, I give to them due, could prevent a crime at a preparation stage ". However, swindlers-singles nevertheless much more.

"To swindle, connected with road accident falsification, without the aid of employees of traffic police it is difficult, as they give out documents with which the client comes behind compensation to the insurance company, — Alexey Bebnev speaks. — to Prove unconscientiousness of actions of the employee of traffic police it is almost impossible. It remains to one of stumbling-blocks in struggle against autoswindle".

"More often we all the same face not professional swindle, and with cases when on a deceit there are legislative automobile owners, — Victor Alekseev notices. — for example if have hijacked the car in which the vehicle coupon has been left, the insurance company refuses payment. It having appeared in such situation, the insured can declare at first coupon theft, and already then — about stealing. Other example — infringement of terms of filing of application. In this case, happens, our clients forge sick-lists or documents that they were at this time on business trip". In these cases insurers, as a rule, try to do without the reference in militia, but payment nevertheless refuse.

Struggle against the client
"We start to collect the information on clients before signing with them of the insurance contract, — Boris Rybin speaks. — the special attention is given to owners of cars who often steal. If the potential client was we judge or passed the witness on criminal cases under article" Swindle ", possibly, it will be eliminated. We study also cars: as them bought and sold, how they have been imported into Russia as took place customs clearing". Autoinsurers, Boris Rybin notices, follow a rule: "don't do badly to the neighbor is can happen with you". Besides that security services closely communicate, they still have an incorporated information file: in particular, there there are data on independent insurance agents which usually work on some companies, and also about regular employees, including were, dismissed at compromising circumstances.

"On the basis of РСА the databank" Spectrum "in which modern algorithms of an establishment of communications between participants of insured events and vehicles" are used is created, — Dmitry Frolkin fulfilling duties of the head of department on counteraction to insurance swindle РСА tells. "At revealing of double insurance" the Spectrum "helps, — Irina Serebryakov confirms. — there there is data about owners of vehicles, insureds (sometimes these positions don't coincide), the persons admitted to management, marks of cars, the state numbers and VIN-codes. It is a pity only that the system is insufficiently operatively updated".

And in general, experts mark, from 170 companies-members RSA the base is filled up with some tens insurers. In the USA, say, the insurance community has for a long time uniform base which is accessible to all participants of the market. "Any employee of security service of the insurance company can learn all information about the person, having brought in base number of a card of social insurance, — Alexey Bebnev tells. — the Person convicted of swindle, receives some kind of" a black label ", it loses tax privileges and hardly can ever conclude the contract with the serious company".

"In the West the materials of the insurance company testifying to swindle, are accepted on consideration by directly courts and have the status of proofs, — Alexey Bebnev speaks. — In Russia similar practice isn't present: at us the data collected by the insurer, is left in law enforcement bodies".

At each insurance company the complex of actions for counteraction to swindle. "The most widespread variant for Russia and Europe — principle use red flag: insured event is brought in the computer program which depending on its signs charges to it certain number of points and if the estimation appears high, lights" red light ": business leaves in investigation service", — Sergey Efremov tells. There establish, whether the owner of the car received payment on this insured event in other insurance companies, collect the information on the owner in law enforcement bodies, check a car VIN-code, other information on it, find out, whether it crossed recently border and etc. Duration of check is limited to time provided by the contract regarding payments. For example, for stealings it about 20 days.

To check of insured event by security service, Boris Rybin tells, can result absence of separate documents or possible infringement of conditions of insurance. Or discrepancy of the description of insured event by the client and other parties (law enforcement bodies or independent experts). If insured event has occurred soon after the conclusion of the contract to the insurer, check also is required: there is a risk that the policy has been got backdating. Besides, stealings and arsons are checked anyway. If signs of swindle aren't present, insured event goes to service of settlement of losses if suspicions prove to be true, — business is entered by management of safety which collects proofs and contacts law enforcement bodies.

Not severe law
"To receive from law enforcement bodies the necessary information in investigations very uneasy, — Irina Serebryakov marks. — we send them official inquiries on which we do not receive the answer sometimes the whole month. Time of consideration of insured event is limited — it is necessary to involve old contacts. In department of investigation of insured events" RESO-GUARANTEE "of 18 employees, basically it is natives of investigating bodies or criminal investigation department". "In separate regions employees of traffic police aren't located to fast granting of the necessary information", — Tatyana Repin speaks also.

Happens that in investigations involve private detectives. "We involve detective agencies only at investigation of stealings, — Victor Alekseev marks. — it is necessary to operate very carefully: in a number of the insurance companies there were cases, when the detective agencies working under the contract with them, initiated stealing of cars then to return them for compensation".

"Criminal cases against insurance swindlers to raise very difficult", — Irina Serebryakov complains. In most cases, however, such problem also isn't put. In the Russian legal field to solve it it is difficult. "Definitions of swindle at insurance community and in the criminal code it is separated: for us it is any client who tries to receive extra fee over the sum established by rules of insurance, — Sergey Efremov speaks. — And for insurers the main thing — that such client has refused unreasonable claims". However, there are exceptions. For example, in РСА remember the ex-head of security service of one of the leading companies whom as Gleb Zheglov, considered that "the thief should be imprisoned", and wrote applications in militia in all cases. "To punish the person who hasn't received insurance compensation, and only all has prepared for this purpose, it is the extremely difficult", — Victor Alekseev underlines.

In such volume as in Russia, autoinsurance swindle isn't present anywhere, Sergey Efremov marks: "In Switzerland on roguish schemes it is necessary only 0,01 % of insurance payments, and departments of counteraction to swindlers there isn't present, in Spain and Italy — to 3 %, there such division in this or that kind exist". Dmitry Frolkin considers that the state should fix existence of insurance swindle legislatively: "Then there will be also a criminal statistics, and раскрываемость, and results of struggle against criminality in insurance".

While the assistant to the general director of insurance house ВСК Evgenie Ufimtsev predicts a new coil insurance мошенничеств since March, 1st, 2009 with introduction of the euroreport and direct settlement of road accident. The employee of traffic police if at had an accident there are no physical injuries, it will be possible not to cause, and control over interested persons to enter arrangement begins even less.

The expert considers that the problem can be solved, if in the market the principle which insurers name "bonus малус" starts to work effectively: system of raising or lowering factors of calculation of cost of policy ОСАГО depending on number of road accident with participation of the concrete driver. While to avoid factor increase, it is enough to replace the insurance company. And at purchase of the new car penal points are automatically nulled, though the driver, instead of the suffered car has earned these points.

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