Exotic of kinds of insurance

With growth of quantity of the mortgage title insurance has started to revive. Tim this insurance protects from risks of the property rights connected with loss. At apartment acquisition on credit this kind of insurance is obligatory. This service is rendered by all leading insurance companies of the market in Russia. Life insurance and health of the borrower at housing accommodation acquisition on a secondary market by the classical mortgage. Tariffs on this kind of insurance constitutes from 0,98 % to 1,2 % a year. If the credit undertakes on purchase of under construction housing accommodation it will manage in 1,74-2 % from a project cost after will issue the property rights the tariff decreases to 0,8-1 % a year to the credit repayment completely.

New and on it still a rare species of services this insurance of construction risks. Construction and assembly firms to take advantage of this kind for the present do not hasten, and here insurance companies opposite have zealously undertaken to untwist this kind of insurance services. One more new and very unusual type of service a public liability insurance before the third parties. This policy to need for example if the damage at flooding of apartment not only is caused yours but also apartments below you by a floor.

Citizens have tried "on taste" one more, hitherto the exotic product - Such policy can need in a case when the damage not only is caused to the insured object, but still, for example, and to apartments of neighbours from below. In this case indemnification will pay both to the holder of the policy, and the suffered neighbours. By the way, more often proprietors address to insurance companies right after detailed repair or after in the house there was a fire or neighbours have filled in apartment. As that here do not discuss and do not speak about new kinds of insurance, but the most powerful the engine of the market of a property insurance is the mortgage.

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