Cost of the insurance of all house

Let's discuss, the insurance of all house instead of separate apartments how many can cost. The property a building is divided into three categories: building elements, engineering systems and lifts are constructive. The tariff on the first category of the one tenth percent from property cost. The tariff of engineering networks of the two tenth percent and the third the most expensive to lifts, it constitutes the three tenth percent from cost of lifts. The prices for tariffs ukazanny minimum, but at the rate of that that, the amount received at come insurance cases will help to reimburse all spent means used for a recovery work. It is possible to insure all three categories but it is possible also one which for you it will be pleasant and will appear for you most preferably. For example: if to choose the first category. For example if to choose and insure only elements of a building that to each apartment it will be necessary to pay from 25 to 70 roubles a month depending on cost of the house and the apartment area. Such low price because, in housing insurance system preferential. Therefore forty percent on itself are taken by a city thereby compensates insurance horses losses from the budget. If the insurance pay ZHSK or TSZH they exist in houses with so-called self-management. Cost of such insurance from 13 to 50 thousand roubles a year, too not a big price. One more plus of this insurance such, the sum under the insurance tenants of this house can and not plotit if at TSZH or ZHSK there are additional sources of the income. Also unessentially it is possible to introduce the sum insured at once to stretch it for some months.

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