The consent to the insurance

Before the circulation to the insurer the borrower signs the credit agreement with the creditor so happens in most cases if the borrower agrees to be insured. But happens and so that, the borrower has refused to be insured already after drawing upon a credit then creditor bank actions depend on that that is registered in the credit agreement, usually such condition there is registered: at non-presentation by the borrower of maintenance of return of the credit the bank has the right to require ahead of schedule to reset the indebtedness. If in the agreement there is no condition where preschedule return of money resources then the bank can require of the borrower money through court is provided, and give reason for this request that failure of the borrower of the insurance is infringement of interests of the creditor

The insurance treaty of a life of the borrower can health and real estate insurance usually for some years from one year consists for any term, and. At registration of the credit for apartment the agreement on apartment insurance will need to be renewed or prodlivat as the credit undertakes for long term.

If has passed term of the agreement and on the expiration the borrower has refused its extension then all depends on the contents of the credit agreement. In the agreement should be ukazanno that that like it: after drawing upon a credit the borrower is obliged to insure the life on all crediting period, the bank has the right to involve it in the liability for nonperformance of terms and conditions of contract.

If in the agreement it is written that the borrower is obliged to insure the life, without term instructions. Then a conclusion from this agreement the following: it is possible to consider contractual obligations (life insurance) executed as in the agreement the request was reserved to insure a life, but not ukazanno, for what term.

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