Collective insurance of country settlements by favourably all

In the Russian market of insurance services there were programs of collective insurance of cottage settlements or in other words it is possible to tell wholesale insurance of the country real estate. Insurance companies now for this type of service offer significant discounts. To insurers (holders of the country real estate) this kind of insurance is favourable that discounts from 5 to 15 % or special underwriting rates, a tariff hurdle rate on a complete package of risks - 0.15 % from the sum insured are applied. The most widespread risk considers a fire, especially it is dangerous in the summer. The policy of assurance of the organised cottage settlements has a defect it will consist that it is necessary for insurance company to conclude simultaneously practically contracts with all inhabitants differently all privileges on this kind will lose meaning.

And underwriting rates are defined by statistics of insured accidents and acts of nature in concrete region and from time to time are corrected on the basis of the loss ratio analysis. And for the insurer here the main thing - not to lose, that is not to lower tariffs to that level when the collected award cannot compensate the increased seasonal risks. And in turn it is difficult to inhabitants of settlements to co-ordinate the actions for making contract. Under these conditions in a prize there are garden associations and country co-operative societies.

In case of collective insurance bonuses for kollektivnost are carried out, also some insurance companies installation of systems of video observation or a structure of fire reservoirs are ready to stimulate clients on decrease in risks for example.

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