Choice SK and insurance making contract

Certainly, theoretically each borrower has the right to an independent choice of the insurance company. In practice after the circulation in bank and approval receptions on a granting of credit the borrower receives the recommendation for choice SK as each bank works only with defined of them. Usually SK offer the comprehensive programme of insurance including all possible risks, and it is more favourable, rather than insurance of all risks separately. Insurance contracts consist for the term corresponding to term of a real estate.

Making contract procedure is simple enough. It is required to collect a package of the documents indicated by the insurance company, and to fill in corresponding questionnaires-statements. Property preliminary expert examination is necessarily conducted, physical examination of the borrower can be required also. Under certain circumstances the bank can enquire additional documents and inquiries. The insurance treaty is signed or in day of extending credit, or the day before, but it is obligatory before issue of proceeds of credit. Attentively study the agreement before its signing. The employee of bank is obliged to inform supervising your question in advance in written form on the definitive size of tariffs SK and to send for acquaintance the agreement.

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