The bad luck policy

In what cases the insurance companies refuse to compensate medical and other expenses of Russians abroad? On what the owner of the policy for leaving abroad can count and how correctly to choose it?

 In April during an ascension to mount Sinai the Russian tourist 18 ears old the inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk Boris Maksimov was gone in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities didn't hurry up to start its searches, only in a day in police have accepted the statement from mother about loss of the son, and after some more days on its searches the group of climbers-rescuers has been directed. Boris's relatives and friends have collected $14 thousand to pay the helicopter which from air searched for the gone Russian. But also two-hour flight over a place of tragedy has given nothing. Only for the sixth days the body of the Russian was revealed two Russian instructors in diving who precisely left on that crevice in which Boris has fallen.

The company «European tourist insurance» in which risks of Maksimova have been insured, has organized its posthumous repatriation, has paid hospitalization of mother and visit of the brother to Egypt. Search and rescue works it didn't concern, as on this risk our tourist hasn't been insured.« It is the tragical accident, one on one million, — has commented on a situation Julia Alcheeva, the assistant to general director СК “the European tourist insurance”. — If this boy had an expanded programme of insurance which provides search and rescue works, we would pay also the helicopter. But for beach rest such program isn't necessary ». The risk of search and rescue works really registers at insurance of divers leaving abroad, mountain skiers, but in any way for usual tourists. However the become frequent cases of  destruction of tourists say that, seemingly, and usual«пляжников»it is time to insure as экстремалов. So, in January of this year all in the same Egypt, in the resort Charm-ale-sheikh, other Russian — 25−летний Alexey Solomatin has disappeared, and it isn't found till now. Some tourists assure that in a number of hotels in Egypt on beaches there are no rescuers, and health service level leaves much to be desired.

Insurers answer claims put forward by it about it that on them here depends nothing: «We only provide access to an available infrastructure». «From our point of view Egypt is the most unsuccessful country: insanitary conditions, threat of acts of terrorism, on roads occurs weight of road and transport incidents, there are no rescuers, few good medical clinics», — the senior manager on company development «Assist 24» Elena Udarova explains. But then there is a question: what do we buy under the pretext of the policy for leaving abroad?

Gaps in protection

Travel agencies, having accustomed citizens to insure own medical expenses at departure abroad, frequently don't offer tourists reliable protection. But thus perfectly earn on sale of the insurance which in case of problems with health not very much will help. Even if the tour operator sells the policy to the tourist from calculation of $1 in day, from them on insurance, for example in a case with Egypt, Turkey or Bulgaria, there can be only 20 cents, the rest — the travel agency commission. Under such policy of tourists will send to treat traumas and illnesses in far not the best local clinic.« Certainly, for the insured would be more comfortable, if they were served in the medical center for foreigners-owners of policies whom 15 cents stand not, and €1,5 in day, — the general director of the Russian branch of company Mondial Assistance Andrey Chepurin considers. — At a trip to Europe the situation is better: here it is impossible to lower expenses to such degree — there are no the companies, ready to settle cases instead of standard €100–150 for €20, and doctors who instead of €60 for visit take all €15 ».

As a rule, our tourist receives the policy directly ahead of a departure together with tickets, and to familiarize with its maintenance it will be possible to be in time, unless being already in the plane. Obligations on granting of policies at travel agencies are, and here responsibility for their quality and completeness — isn't present.

In Association of tour operators recognize that developed by them together with leading insurers standards the insurance answering to a necessary minimum (don't contain the franchize, provide the emergency stomatologic help, a covering of expenses in case of necessary returning, visit of the third party or evacuation of children in an emergency situation), aren't a success at travel agencies. That it is impossible to tell about tourists: since this year the tendency to that they choose the insurance answering to given standards is more often was outlined.

«The programs different from standard, can be expanded regarding the size of the insurance sum — to €100 thousand and the list of the services covered with the policy: the risks connected with a delay of a flight, indemnification in case of car breakage, the legal aid organization», — Elena Kitanina, the deputy chief of department of sales of complex insurance in company "RESO-GUARANTEE" tourism speaks.

But even at increase in the sum and a set of risks in the policy there is a weight of exceptions of an insurance covering. We will admit, you are ready to pay for the policy the worthy price — the same €5 in day, however if your case not insurance and it is not necessary to count on indemnification. And at us by the policy the cases connected with solar burns, a food allergy frequently don't become covered. It will not turn out to obtain compensation of expenses and to pregnant women. «Unfortunately, at all domestic СК insurance conditions are rather similar, — Elena Udarova makes comments. — the Policy is calculated only on the first urgent medical aid and removal of sharp conditions, under insurance maintenance traumas and any sharp diseases of type ОРВИ get only. Having assisted, the suffered tourist try to send faster home».

One companies in exceptions can have employment by beach sports, at others the traumas received from a prick of a sea hedgehog won't become covered by the policy, the third will count нестраховым the reference to the doctor in the absence of high temperature. Besides, insurers with different degree of loyalty concern cases of aggravations of chronic diseases. One defray these expenses only in case of life threat, others — in an acute pain situation, someone will limit them also to the sum $1 thousand, and about a covering of expenses on operation carrying out can't be and speeches. «Earlier when it was required for rescue of life insured, we spent and paid heart operations — in a year was four-five cases. Have now stopped, because cost of operations has grown, and the policy has even more fallen in price», — admitted to us one of leaders СК.

One more problem — on rest our tourists not always happen are ready to pay for consultation of the doctor and insist on granting of free consultation. In this situation it is necessary to understand that such possibility will be given them, but if they have addressed for the help in the evening frequently only next day as the clinic works at certain o'clock and before should receive by fax the letter of guarantee from ассистанс. The Same doctors who can be accessible at this time, ready to consult, but only in cash, therefore or €500 on such case with itself all the same it is necessary to have superfluous $500. It we strikingly differ from the same Europeans who abroad pay the out-patient help independently. Having come back from a trip, they direct by e-mail the scanned documents on payment to the insurer and receive in a month compensation into the account. At us, unfortunately, it is necessary to dream of such service only: Without visit to the insurer with the statement and all documents any indemnification you will not receive.

Leading role

If you don't want to be content with a pig in a poke (than, as a matter of fact, the insurance got through travel agency) is, can take the policy directly from the insurer. So you can pick up that variant which in a greater degree is equitable to your interests.

Experts advise to pay attention and to from what from ассистанских companies SK works, as with it, instead of with the insurer, you should cooperate at insured event approach. The call of the tourist who has got to a trouble arrives in the company-assistans call-center in Moscow (if, of course, it has here a representation).« During a summer season the number of references for days, happens, reaches to 700 in day, — Oleg Koninin, the director for development of business of the company “tells Assist 24”. — the Information from the tourist who, for example, is in America, is entered at once into system, and the coordination center in America in a mode of real time receives both given insured, and medical reports, its treatment supervises. We watch that clinics didn't expose superfluous accounts and didn't do unnecessary manipulations, if necessary we will organize return of the person home: we give visa support, we give out new tickets, in Russia responsibility of the company comes to an end with a call "fast" in the airport ».

The insurance company doesn't have obligations on an aftercare: if a condition of the victim stable, it take out home. «The insurer chooses that will be cheaper: to treat the patient to a condition when it can fly without support (it is admissible, it will occupy three weeks in clinic and $10-15 thousand will cost) or to take out it at once for $7 thousand regular flight of a business class with medical staff support», — Andrey Chepurin explains. More economic variant and if insured the variant offered by the insurer refuses he loses the right to indemnification reception More often gets out.

In such situation (when СК aspires to take out the patient as soon as possible, and with risk for the patient) frequently the opinion of representatives ассистанской the companies appears solving. By rules of the companies-assistans transportation of the patient is possible under a condition when the opinion of the attending physician and the doctor of service ассистанс coincide, otherwise they have the right to refuse evacuation. «In the contract with the insurer makes a reservation that if СК it do not agree with opinion of doctors and wishes, that the company-assistans has organized evacuation, and we are assured that it will harm to health insured evacuation isn't spent», — Elena Udarova explains. Thus the insurer will pay expenses on treatment of the tourist while its condition won't allow to organize evacuation (within the limits of the insurance sum).

What package to choose?

While consumers try to save as much as possible on tourist's policies, and insurers struggle for increase in a share of the market by a dumping, to expect occurrence of as much as possible full new products it is not necessary, moreover, the number of exceptions and restrictions in an insurance covering even increases.

However, on the threshold of a new tourist season large insurers change the programs, being arranged under interests of consumers. So, РОСНО plans to include in the standard policy insurance upon accident (on a death and physical inability case).

A number of the companies was corrected by conditions on insurance from невыезда. So, «Zurich. The retail» has expanded the list of risks on which payment is made: it concerns receptions of traumas (not earlier than before 21 day to a trip), an infectious disease (not earlier than before 15 days to a trip), untimely issue of visa. Also the company has expanded a circle of near relations the misfortune with which can cause trip cancellation, having included in it grandmothers and grandfathers, and also grandsons. The company «European tourist insurance» in this list has added also civil spouses.

"Ingosstrah" has offered the clients buying the policy at the insurer directly, «policies without an obligatory call». «The person can use services of any medical institution (an exception — Turkey) at medical aid reception is out-patient: he pays visit to the doctor and medicines, and we under the presented documents refund expenses, and without restriction», — Larissa Antonova, the chief of department of management of insurance of traveling "Ingosstrah" makes comments. Also new rules of insurance of the company provide now payment of expenses on rendering of medical aid to pregnant women at abortion threat, truth, in this case the policy will manage slightly more expensively. Has left from practice of refusals in payments if medical expenses aren't coordinated with the insurer, and the company «European tourist insurance».

As a matter of fact, the individual policy with a set of additional risks (to 15) at the insurance sum not less or €50 thousand has offered than $50 thousand to the clients «the Renaissance insurance». Its program "Voyage" in the minimum variant (30 rbl. a day) provides a covering of the expenses connected with solar burns, acts of nature, acts of terrorism. The variant "Prestige" gives protection on a case невыезда, delays of flight, loss of luggage, loss of documents, accident, and program Deluxe includes also complex protection on a case of an aggravation of chronic diseases, and also the help traveling on the car and to pregnant women. However, cost of last will make from 270 rbl. a day.

Today the insured had a considerable choice of variants of fuller protection at departure abroad. It is necessary to define only what of programs optimum will approach for you. On insurance of medical expenses on 30 thousand c.u. it is possible to add the standard policy with luggage insurance — such product at a fortnight trip to Egypt, Turkey or Bulgaria will manage on the average in 300 rbl., in such countries as France, Italy or Germany, — 450 rbl. If in "standard" to include also the insurance from невыезда (the insurance sum — 1 thousand c.u.) for the policy it is necessary to pay on 1-1,3 thousand rbl. more. And so on — the it is more brave, the above the policy price. Have included the insurance from accident (for the sums of $1-15 thousand or €1-15 thousand) — and your tourist's policy for 50–400 rbl. is more expensive. The policy with all listed additional risks, including civil liability insurance (for example, on $30 thousand) 1,7-2,5 thousand rbl. for Egypt and 3,5-4 thousand rbl. for countries of Western Europe can cost.

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