Autoinsurance - a choice of the insurer

Any our action having at the heart of money, the goods, services is a transaction. Have bought a bread long loaf – the transaction, have sold the old turned yellow books to the secondhand bookseller – the transaction, have bought factory – the transaction, have eaten in cafe – the transaction. The sense of the transaction for each of us consists or in acquisition of that that is necessary for us or not which reception of benefit from that that can give or make we.
Any our action having at the heart of money, the goods, services is a transaction. Have bought a bread long loaf – the transaction, have sold the old turned yellow books to the secondhand bookseller – the transaction, have bought factory – the transaction, have eaten in cafe – the transaction. The sense of the transaction for each of us consists or in acquisition of that that is necessary for us or not which reception of benefit from that that can give or make we. The conclusion of the contract of voluntary insurance of a land vehicle (namely so in professional insurance documents more often is called what to name habitual to us autoinsurance, or автоКАСКО) or contracts of obligatory insurance of a civil liability of owners of vehicles (that is more habitual to us to hear as ОСАГО) – just the same transaction, as well as purchase of a long loaf of bread.
What do we want to get, getting policy КАСКО or ОСАГО?
Getting policy КАСКО, we try to protect the even not so much in itself car, how many the money enclosed in it. After all the policy in itself, in general, in any way can't prevent failure or (God forbid) stealing. It only compensates our losses, and exclusively direct material losses from such event (it after all, alas, too can't compensate our nerves and spent time in any way). Therefore we choose Nadezhnost+Tsenu+Servis.

Getting policy ОСАГО, we simply want to fulfill more often traffic police requirements. Who will seems to us absolutely insignificant to pay for our fault the victim in road accident – all the same if that will be to whom to pay: though insurance company, though to the Russian union of autoinsurers. Actually it not so. And at a choice of the undependable insurer we risk to appear with the victim (or the owner of the damaged property – the car) face to face in court. Price ОСАГО for all legislative insurers one. Means, we in this case choose Reliability +Сервис.

That in an ideal wanted by us, getting insurance policy КАСКО? We want, that happens with our car, completely to compensate all expenses for its repair, having spent thus the minimum of time and efforts (and it is better at all without wasting time and efforts to receive the car in that kind in what it was before failure or even better). Also it is desirable to make it for the floor price.

What does the insurance company want, selling us policy КАСКО or ОСАГО? To get as a result profit, as much as possible having lowered the risks and expenses. Our transaction (acquisition of policy КАСКО or ОСАГО) is a compromise between two participants of the transaction – insureds (it actually we and are) and insurers (that insurance company which policy we have decided to get).

Being guided by two general parameters for КАСКО and ОСАГО (Reliability +Сервис). We understand that all it, in effect, very simple choice – a choice of the insurer. This choice defines, whether we will receive desirable level of reliability and service. And after that it is necessary to look for that which will offer the optimum price for us from the selected companies. So – a choice of the insurer (the insurance company which we all the same will dare to entrust care of our cares with our favourite car) – our main objective!

All insurance companies can be divided on some basic groups. Each of these groups has advantages. At once I will make a reservation that division it is conditional also some companies it is possible to carry with almost identical success to different groups.
First, the oldest (how much it is possible in our very young insurance market), the solid insurance companies, with heavy image, huge staff, huge advertizing on volume etc., etc. Many of these companies or enter into large and known financial and industrial Russian groups, or in the recent past are got by the foreign insurance companies which are carrying out through them the occurrence on the Russian market (directly it while in any way it is impossible – the Russian law doesn't allow). More often names at us on hearing – Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrah, РОСНО (now as a part of German insurer Alliance), the RESO-GUARANTEE, MAX, СОГАЗ, Alpha insurance and others. The companies of this group in the opinion of potential clients are distinguished by very high stability. Unfortunately, these companies are characterized also smaller «поворотливостью», partly as excessive desire to minimize the risks working with clients – physical persons (namely it and is we). Such companies I prefer to insure cars the whole parks, the large autoenterprises, it is desirable in passing with other kinds of insurance. They essentially are interested in so-called "retail" - retails, sales of policies to private clients with 1-2мя cars less. They aren't too interested in decrease in insurance tariffs (cost of policies) for us though can afford it more than any other participant of the market. But absence of a keen interest in attraction of such clients does by their less flexible. Autoinsurance almost never happens a priority of such companies. Practically always such companies try сориентировать the agents on the limited offer of autoinsurance that however doesn't prevent to leave to agents its basic priority.

The second category of the companies are the large or average insurance companies, different high degree of reliability (it is frequent not smaller than at the first group), but different higher dynamism and quality of services, especially on «ритейловом», the retail market. Some of them from them as belong to the foreign insurance companies or known Russian financially industrial groups. Such companies concerns, for example the company «Zurich. Retail insurance» («Zurich. A retail» and earlier well-known in the market as the ICE CRUST, perfectly proved in the retail market and got by the Swiss insurers who already had in Russia affiliated company "Tsjurih-Rus"). Here, for example, it is possible to carry the Moscow insurance company and the company MOSCOW TIME-STANDARD (the former company "Standard-reserve"), the insurance company «Russian World», «Spassky gate» and many other things. The companies of this group try to build more democratic price policy, are more focused on attraction of private clients (the name «Zurich. Retail insurance» directly specifies in this perspective orientation of development of the company). The companies of this group try to expand as much as possible also a spectrum of service services for the clients at settlement of losses, most effectively to build process of settlement of insurance losses. As a priority of such companies – the offer of as much as possible wide spectrum of programs of the insurance focused on different categories of clients. Таки the companies are much more strongly interested in attraction of private clients, and the main thing – to their deduction. Thus tariffs of these companies remain not unreasonably underestimated, dumping, and quite balanced, providing stability, reasonable degree of possible unprofitableness of each separate policy and stability of all insurance portfolio as a whole. Thus these companies don't have temptation to insure «абы that», if only to insure. Autoinsurance is one of the basic directions of such companies, as using the greatest demand at private clients – at us, that is. From my personal point of view such companies are most successful to insure the privately owned vehicle. And the attention in such companies personally most likely will be rendered you the maximum. And not only at the moment of insurance, but also at the decision of questions with payments of insurance compensation that isn't unimportant.

The third group of companies are the companies which have constructed the business on sale of the insurance products without participation of insurance agents or other sellers. These companies involve clients exclusively by advertizing and suggest to address directly in the offices or to get policies through the Internet. These are such companies as «MOSCOW TIME-DIREKT. Direct insurance» («Direct insurance» is earlier simple), «Intach insurance», the WHALE of Finans insurance. Basically the given technology is used being guided by the western experience. Also it is naturally focused almost exclusively on private clients. Unfortunately, service at acquisition of insurance policies at such companies and as at realization of losses fairly suffers. But thus, at the expense of economy on a selling infrastructure (agency compensations, the maintenance of offices, etc.) these companies presume to offer themselves insurance tariffs a little below the averages which have developed in the market.
And at last, the fourth group of the insurance companies – averages and the most part of the small insurance companies which are carrying out unbalanced reception on insurance without reasonable selection of insurance risks. Very often such companies trying to involve clients insure under the absolutely unreasonably underestimated tariffs, insure cars which insurance in horror all other insurers refuse, unreasonably high commissions to the agents pay. It is possible to risk and insure certainly the car in such company. But as game in a lottery – and whether will live it such company till the end of insurance term, and whether it if that will pay insurance compensation and if will pay, in how much comprehensible size. More often such companies don't differ the branched out system of advertizing or uses only the cheapest methods of advertizing. Even experts-insurers don't know their name, and if know, only in frameworks softly to tell a negative context.

So. At a choice of the insurance company for purchase of the policy of autoinsurance I would recommend the following:
1. To choose from number of the insurance companies appreciable in the market, being on the hearing, using solid, thorough advertizing.
2. To choose from number of the companies for a long time working on the Russian insurance market is partly guarantees stability of such company, presence of turned out own insurance technologies, presence enough good and professional insurance shots.
3. Personally I would prefer to choose from number of the companies – affiliated structures of foreign insurers or solid financial Russian groups is guarantees presence of a serious financial pillow under these companies.
4. To choose from number of the companies considering autoinsurance by one of the priorities is guarantees well простроенную system of work with the autoinsurance losses, the worked scheme of accompanying service, etc.
5. To choose from number of the companies offering среднерыночный the tariff – not underestimating it on purpose to involve though someone, but also not overestimating (for such companies you not most, probably, the desired client that will inevitably affect insurance payments and service level).
6. To prefer the companies which are guided by a retail, the retail client – that is on you.
7. To choose the company offering good enough set of service services at settlement of insurance losses. Even it makes sense to overpay for these services is will allow in the future in case of insurance event essentially a little to save time and nerves.
8. In a case if you will take the trouble to try to find the information on the company in the Internet and in any ratings be not too lazy to look at a parity of receipt/payment of the company by voluntary kinds of insurance. The most reasonable is the parity in an interval from 50 to 70 percent. It means that the company without overestimating unduly tariffs keeps thus sufficient stability. In case of too high share of payments there is a doubt in stability of the company, in case of too low – in, whether the company tries to refuse payment apropos and without this.
9. And still consider – autoinsurance – enough высокорисковый an insurance kind. If you learn that the autoinsurance share in the company suppressing (in some it reached 90 %, including natural ОСАГО) – all the same is better to prefer it other company.

It is easy to notice that all these signs basically concern the companies of the second group. It is very appreciable on an example of already mentioned company «Zurich. Retail insurance» («Zurich. A retail»). The company is widely known, and has been widely known and recognized already when still was called the ICE CRUST. The company is included into one of the oldest and most dear insurance structures in the world – Group Zurich Financial Services. The Swiss insurance traditions deservedly enjoy authority. The group works in the world insurance market since 1872 – not too much in the world of insurance structures with such experience of activity. And in the Russian market group not the beginner – already is more than 10 years (since 1996) in the Russian market it is presented by company «Zurich«, the truth, working mainly in a segment of corporate insurance. The company (under the ICE CRUST brand) works in the market since 1993 – from the dawn of the present Russian insurance market. The company is obviously focused on the retail market is it is visible not only from the name. The broadest filial network obviously speaks about it - about 70 branches and more than 300 representative offices work across all Russia. Even better about it tells number of the insurance agents who are the basic channel of retails in insurance – more than 3500. And all experts of the insurance market perfectly know – autoinsurance basic "bread" of the insurance agent. Accordingly an autoinsurance share very essential in a company portfolio. Thus analyzing the financial information published by the company and the information on the company in mass-media it is possible to notice that sales of other insurance products of the company (insurance of property, voluntary medical insurance) make essential enough share in a portfolio. And, I will notice that not only in the market retail, but also on the corporate. In the company the thought over program of client service - Zurich HelpPoint. And this program – the general program of the world group Zurich operating worldwide adapted for the Russian conditions.

The tariff policy rather and rather reasonable. You will not accuse neither of a dumping, nor in excessive greed – the sound tariff in the bottom part среднерыночного. Thus in a tariff ruler of the company features of various cars and various categories of clients – insureds so about requirements of clients, that is us, the company has already taken care are well considered. About competent selection of tariffs tells also very good parity of receipts and insurance payments of the company – 56, 39 % (That is payments of insurance compensation within last year have made slightly more half of collected insurance payments). It shows that the company isn't greedy, spending insurance payments, but also doesn't allow to reel to the financial position, protecting, thus, interests of all clients. My conclusions are confirmed also with opinion of experts – experts. The rating agency «Expert РА» has confirmed a rating of reliability of Open Company SK «Zurich. Retail »at level« And + »(very high level of reliability). And clients trust the companies – differently it would not be possible to the company to occupy an honourable 11 place in a rating of the insurance companies of Russia.
So, advantages of the companies of 2nd group on a company example «Zurich. A retail» are visible, I would tell, "with open years". And, perhaps, the company «Zurich. A retail» - one of the most obvious leaders of this group. Such companies define prospects of the Russian market of autoinsurance – its service, reliability, stability.

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